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Registration for casting directors

As a casting director, you receive access to the Pro Zone, which permits you to search for complete casting data (e.g. external appearance, skills, etc.) and provides you with useful tools for your daily casting work:

Create your own artist profiles.

Create by yourself in your own register the profiles of artists who are not in our database. These profiles are not openly accessible, but function otherwise exactly like the artist profiles in the general database.

Find actresses/actors in a more targeted manner.

Search for broader criteria, such as external features and instrumental skills, sports and so on. Doing so, please also use the upper groups especially, which permits you to search in a specific direction without being overly restrictive (e.g. all women with reddish hair who are active in water sports).

Evaluate and comment on all actresses/actors.

Make notes about each actress/actor, define your favourites and display them as your preference.

Manage your projects and roles.

Set up projects and roles, allocate specific roles to actresses/actors and individual show reel scenes, comment on your role suggestions and provide a ranking for each role intuitively by simply shifting the ranking order.

Present your casting suggestions online.

Invite the persons involved in the casting as guests to your projects and present your casting suggestions to them online (all roles in a project, selected roles or an individual role).

Work together with your guests on a project.

Define for each individual guest what they are permitted to see and do:

- an observer may see your casting suggestions without seeing your comments

- an advisor may additionally see and comment on your comments

- a co-casting director may additionally provide their own suggestions (which you can accept or reject).

Convert the online data simply into your own data.

Download your casting suggestions onto your computer, choosing between a PDF file format (e.g. for printing or forwarding by email) and an Excel file format (e.g. for the individual further use of the data).

The use of the Pro Zone to the current extent is free of charge for you.

Please request your access details by email or using the contact form (providing the desired user name and password doing so). We then process your request and email you the access data. Using these access data, you can then log in to the Pro Zone.

more information for casting directors

If you would like to present yourself as a casting director or casting agency to the industry, we recommend you register with our cooperation partner Crew United.

to register as a casting director with Crew United