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Thank you for your interest in the Pro Zone for casting directors and agencies.

Access to the Pro Zone is only permitted for registered users from the media industry, whose work involves casting actresses and actors: While casting directors have access to an extensive search engine and tools to manage their projects and roles, each agency receives an overview of all the actresses/actors which this agency has listed as contacts. Furthermore, the agencies have access to the profile forms of their clients, in order to update their details and photos – provided the profiles are not updated via our cooperation partners > Crew United or the > VdA-Pool.

Clear explanations are provided here, in the form of short video tutorials, of the commands and functions used by casting directors in the Pro Zone (as of: December 2008):

The Casting Search Pro (video)
The Personal Evaluations (video)
The Professional Selection (video)

Casting directors and agents...
... please register with your access details on the "Casting Directors/Agents Pro Zone" page above.

... or request your access details by email or using the contact form (providing the desired user name and password doing so).

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Actresses and actors...
... do not need their own access to the Pro Zone in order to have a successful presentation on castingvideos. The updating of your data usually occurs via your profile with Crew United or the VdA-Pool. In the event that you only have your profile with castingvideos and you want to update it yourself, please use your personal > Profile Form.If you wish, we are happy to create and provide the individual link to your Profile Form.

You already have a profile with us but you are not yet a joint member of both Crew United and castingvideos? Then register immediately on the homepage of our partner and enjoy the benefits and advantages of our cooperative arrangement with Crew United, the film and television industry network. Registration.

As an actress or actor, you have already decided to register your profile and show reel too as the case may be on castingvideos? We are delighted to receive your application to register as a joint member with Crew United here.

You are interested in registering your profile and show reel too potentially on castingvideos, and would like to first receive some additional information? Then you are right here.

Please note: castingvideos is not an agency. Only actresses and actors who have gained sufficient acting qualifications via acting school training and/or practical experience can register on castingvideos. It is not intended for extras or bit/small role players. Please read here who can apply to register with castingvideos.