Patrick Loose

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Profession actor, singer
Nationality German
(Federal) State Baden-Württemberg
1st residence Stuttgart
Place of action Berlin, Hamburg, Innsbruck, Los Angeles, Munich, New York, San Francisco, Stuttgart
Ethnic appearance White Central European, East European, Scandinavian
Hair colour blond
Hair length short
Eye colour blue
Stature slim
Height 174 cm
Weight 82 kg
Confection size 48-50
German - native speaker
English - fluently
Dialects / accents
DE - Swabian (native dialect)
US - Standard American
Rock / Pop - concert level
Voice range
Musical instrument
guitar (acustic) - concert level
mouth organ - good
football - good
ski - good
snowboard - good
tennis - good
Standard - basics
Twist - basics
License A1 (motorcycle)
B (car)
Special skills Gesang (Sänger, Liedermacher)
Area of operations Schauspiel (Film, TV), Musik, Songwriter

Patrick Loose was born on August 23, 1982 in Stuttgart. He grew up in a family of artists and at an early age, his grandfather, actor Dieter Eppler, inspired Patrick with his infectious enthusiasm for the performing arts.
During his early years, Patrick wrote short stories and poetry, learned to play the guitar, and composed his own lyrics and songs. His first time in front of the camera was at the age of seven in a small role for the Sueddeutscher Rundfunk Stuttgart. After graduating from school, Patrick Loose successfully completed an apprenticeship in advertising.
In 2003, he moved to Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where he worked for an organization who assist people with special needs. During his time in the US, he also participated in improvisational theater, which was performed onstage and broadcasted on regional television. Additionally, Patrick attended numerous workshops by Nicholas Miscusi and Mira Hilbert. Upon his return to Germany, he completed two and a half years of rigorous actor training. Since 2008, Patrick has appeared in German and international productions. He has also had various jobs behind the scenes and behind the camera, including roles as a director and assistant director.
In July 2016, he released his debut album "Goodbye Memory Lane". Although Patrick composed his first songs at an early age, the motivation to get on stage with his own repertoire came years later. He was inspired by his friends, the band “Kids of Adelaide", who he supported and opened for on their 2013 Germany Tour. Since then he has had many diverse performances on various stages. He is currently active as an actor, as well as a voice-over artist and singer-songwriter.
His next role and his next album are in the works...


2005 - 2008 Schauspielunterricht bei Dieter Eppler, Privat
2004 - 2005 Workshops bei Herrn Nicholas Miscusi, in englischer Sprache

Prizes & Awards

2020 Winner Actors Awards 2020, Best Ensemble - Moriti's Law.
2018 Award, Best Cut: Morti's Law (Short Film) by Jugendfilmpreis Baden-Württemberg
2018 Award: Morti's Law (Short Film) by Independent Starfilmfest
2016 Award, Best Cut: Fallacia (Short Film) by Jugendfilmpreis Baden-Württemberg


Multimedia-Schau Salmen

lead, Documentary, R: Nicolas Ehret
Tiere bis unters Dach

supp. role (ep.), TV Series, SWR, R: Laura Thies
Das Minenfeld

lead, Education/Training Production, R: Joachim Schmid
Dr. Klein

bit part, TV Series, ZDF, R: Käthe Niemeyer
Es bleibt in der Familie

supp. role, TV-Movie, SAT.1, R: Florian Knittel
Late Night Berlin

supp. role, TV-Show, ProSieben, R: Johannes Spiecker
Morti's Law

lead, Short Feature Film, R: Marcel Wohlfahrt

lead, Short Feature Film, R: Louis Wick

supp. role, Short Feature Film, R: Mitchell Johnson
Clouds Passing By

lead, Short Feature Film, R: Lukas Hirschfelder
War is over, honey

lead, Short Feature Film, R: Junus Baker

supp. role, Indie Feature Film, R: Katharina A. Popov
Zwischen-Stopp (aka Autobahnweltall)

lead, Short Feature Film, R: Philip Hauser


The Dreamwalker