Ela J.

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Agentur Star Movie Kids, Doris Liem
Tel +49 2233 978266

Ela Jako
Tel +49 2233 978266

Profession child actor
Year of birth 2009, Düsseldorf
Nationality German
(Federal) State North Rhine-Westphalia
1st residence Cologne
Place of action Bordeaux, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Los Angeles, Munich, Paris, Vienna, Zurich
Ethnic appearance White Central European
Hair colour dark blond
Hair length medium
Eye colour green
Stature slim
Height 156 cm
Weight 31 kg
Confection size 146-152
German - native speaker
French - native speaker
English - basics
Musical instrument
cello - good
Inline-skating - good
Ssateboard - good
Trapeze - good
ice skating - good
wing chun - good
Ballet - good
Tap Dance - good
Area of operations Film / TV, Werbung, Kino
References - Die Kommissare (SAT 1); Darstellerin als Tochter Lexi
- Teaser-Dreh „Winnetou“ (RTL)
- Social-Spot „Jenke Experiment: Organspende“ mit Jenke vom Wilmsdorff (RTL)
- TV-Spot „Gebrüder Götz“ (SAT 1); Synchron, Studioaufnahmen, Werbemodel
- TV-Spot „KIVIDOO“ (RTL); Darstellerin
- Teaser „WM Einlauf“, Rheinenergie Stadion (RTL); Ballmädchen (Event)
- diverse Fotoshootings

Ela J. is a kid actress based in Cologne, Germany.

Born in 2009, Ela J. is just 10 years of age and she is already very active in the industry. The actress is well known for her positive attitude and friendly personality. She is always a great addition to any ensemble, cast, or artistic project. She always demonstrates a maturity that is beyond her years and impresses her colleagues with her dedication to the craft and work.

On top of this, Ela J. takes directions quickly and is a patient member of the team. These are essential qualities in the performing arts industry. This is one reason why Ela J. has been working consistently on a variety of different projects over the years. Some of her previous work includes “Genial daneben”, “Dingsda”, and “Die Läusemutter” to mention but a few.

Ela J. is deeply passionate about acting but she also enjoys dancing and singing. She is excellent at a variety of styles including ballet, classical, improvisation, jazz, modern, and polka, to mention but a few. As a singer, she is in the soprano range and loves to perform A Capella, blues, and musical theatre.

As an artist, Ela J. is always honing her craft and developing her skills and abilities. As an energetic and creative performer, she always comes to the next project with an open and curious mind.

If this wasn’t enough, Ela J. is also fluent in French, German, and is an intermediate English speaker. She has a variety of active hobbies including athletics, cycling, and rock climbing, among many others. She is also learning the Cello, and is enjoying the challenge of learning an instrument.


2018 Star Movie Kids, Hürth, „Schauspielworkshop intensiv“ mit Bejo Dohmen und Dennis Madaus
2015 - 2020 Cello-Unterricht seit 2015
2013 - 2015 Stagecoach, Köln, Tanz / Gesang / Schauspiel mit Sigrid Burkholder u.a.
2012 - 2020 klassisches Ballett seit 2012, inklusive zahlreicher Bühnenpräsentationen

Prizes & Awards

2019 1. Platz, "Internationales Tanzfestival", Pizzicato, Bulgarien (Warna)
2018 3. Platz, "International Dance Competition Talent Garden 4.0", Pizzicato (Mailand)
2017 1. Platz, Tanzwettbewerb; Charakter-Tanz, "Baltic Voyage" (Riga - Stockholm - Riga)


RTL Spendenmarathon 2020

lead, TV-Event, RTL, R: Klaus Regel

lead, Short Feature Film, R: Theresa Kotz
Genial daneben - Das Quiz

TV-Show, SAT.1, R: Patrick Freiheit
Die Läusemutter

TV Series, ProSieben, SAT.1, R: Jan Albert de Weerd

TV-Show, ARD, R: Dennis Fuß
Toys “R” Us - Geburtstag. 30 Jahre Freude schenken

Commercial, R: Alexander Gerdes

supp. role, TV Series, SAT.1

bit part, TV Series, SAT.1, R: Jan Schomburg
RTL - Winnetou

supp. role, Teaser, R: Frederik Geisler
Einsatz in Köln - Die Kommissare

supp. role, TV Series, SAT.1
Kividoo - Dingsda

Commercial, R: Tibor Glage
Timebreakers - Auf der Suche nach dem geheimnisvollen Heidekristall

Indie Feature Film, R: Niels Marquardt
RTL - Das Jenke Experiment. Organspende

lead, Teaser, R: Rüdiger Braun
Gebrüder Götz - Wir haben sie für ....

lead, Commercial, R: Jochem Wahl

Other projects

2019 - 2019
Weltpremiere „In 80 Tagen um die Welt“
Ballett, Belaro
2017 - 2017
Event, (Schule)